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Honeywell flour market value increased to 1.35 billion naira, a 52-week high


At the end of the trading session on Thursday, Honeywell Flourmills Plc recorded a huge gain of 10.00%, which can be attributed to the buying interest in the company’s stock, which led to an increase of 1.35 billion in market value at the end of the trading activity Naira is on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Honeywell Flour’s share price hit a new high, breaking the 52-week high of N1.76 per share.

The stocks of consumer goods companies rose from N1.70 per share at the beginning of the trading day to N1.87 per share at the closing price, representing a currency increase of 10.00%. The terms are 17 kobo.

The purchase interest of Honeywell Flour Mills stock had a positive impact on the company’s market value, which rose from 13.48 billion naira to 14.83 billion naira at the end of the day’s trading activities, and rose to 1.35 billion naira.

Honeywell Flourmills Plc’s share price has risen by 55.83% since the beginning of the year. Starting from N1.20 at the beginning of the year, the current trading price is N1.87. However, for investors who bought at the 52-week low trading price of N0.88 per share, the company’s stock has already earned approximately 112.5%.

During yesterday’s trading hours, 384,071,393 shares of Honeywell Flour Mill’s common stock valued at approximately NOK 65416 million were exchanged in 220 executed transactions.

In contrast, the share price of Nigeria Plc Flour Mills rose 3.10% to close at N29.90, while the share price of Northern Nig Flourmills Plc remained unchanged at the end of the trading session on Thursday, closing at N7.35.

You should know

At the end of the trading activity on Thursday, the NGX All-Share Index and market value rose 0.11% from the previous trading day, closing at 39,490.06 index points and N20.57 trillion respectively.

The NGX Consumer Goods Index fell 0.02% from 594.35 index points to close at 594.23.

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